Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the weeks ahead...

In the weeks ahead, I look forward to uploading more photos of cityscapes, seascapes, symmetrical aliens, weavings, and more Dr. Seuss! I will also upload some middle school work too! I love being an art teacher and being surrounded by kids creativity everyday! Enjoy your snow days and see you back in the classroom soon!!!! =)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!!

I love Dr. Seuss. I am a huge fan and love all his books and movies. I love how he can create such vivid colors and corky buildings. I just love his art so of course, we had to create a piece of art in his honor. Now this is a lesson we started in the middle of last week and we will continue to work on these after our snow days. This will be for kindergarten thru 5th grade. It will just changed based on their grade level. We began drawing the cat in the hat using a face template and following teacher demonstration. We did this step with pencil. Then we passed out the sharpies and traced on top of our lines.

Once everyone was finished with their sharpies, we created a hat and a bow tie using construction paper.

Sorry they are turned the wrong way...=(
 In the following week, we will create a background based on books by Dr. Seuss. I cant wait to see these finished and I know that Dr. Seuss would be proud =)

Arlo Needs Glasses

Last week we finished up a 3 week project based on the book Arlo Needs Glasses by Barney Saltzberg. The kids LOVED this book and if you decide to order this book for your child, or classroom I would recommend ordering more than one because the kids loved it very much and they all want to read a copy! It is about a dog who cant play catch anymore so his owner takes him to the eye doctor where he finds out his dog needs glasses. After trying on many glasses, arlo finds the best pair. Arlo is able to play catch again but his favorite thing to do is read =).

I cant take credit for this lesson because I found it on pinterest, however, it was one of the best projects I have taught because everyone is successful and they loved it. I did this lesson for kindergarten and first grade, however it could be adapted for older grades. The first week, we started off reading the book Arlo Needs Glasses by Barney Saltzberg. This is a very interactive book and the kids just love it! Anyways, we read the book and began drawing our own Arlo's. This step turned out so cute! We drew with pencil first and then we used a sharpie to cover up our pencil lines. We then colored our Arlo's yellow with crayon.  For the background around the dog, we got out some chalk and colored and smudge our chalk using our fingers. This was very messy, but the kids loved using chalk because we don't get it out very much!

The 2nd art class we decorate a pair of glasses. I had precut glasses already made. Each students got a pair and decorate them using markers. I encouraged them to add pattern or make them colorful instead of just coloring them one solid, students got to go to different tables in which they got to chose to add glitter ( yes, I let them use glitter and it was everywhere ), sequins and little colored squares. The students loved this part. I let them go to each station if they wanted too. After the glasses were finished, we let them dry.

For the last and final week, we took our glasses and glued them onto our Arlo dogs. They had to be very careful because some of them were very heavily decorated. Once the glasses were glued down, students were able to add their final touches to their art and they turned out AWESOME!!!!! I love these SOOOO much!!!!!

2nd and 5th grade Pattern Landscapes!

This last week in the art room, we learned about landscapes! We learned the difference between seascapes, cityscapes, and landscapes. Students were encourage to create an original landscape that  would show land as well as hills, rivers, barns, house, animals, etc.  After they drew their basic landscapes, we used a pattern worksheet, where students filled in their landscapes with different patterns.Once their landscapes were finished in pencil, students used a sharpie to cover up their pencil lines.

After the sharpie was finished, they began coloring them with markers.

During the projects, I had to order new markers, because we discovered our markers weren't working as well as we wanted them to so after the new markers came in the color really popped! =)

In rememberance of George Rodrique

Over Christmas break I heard the terrible news that George Rodrique had died at the age of 69 due to cancer. This was an amazing guy who painted blue dogs in different settings based on personal things, or important happenings in our country. I was sadden to hear this news, however, I wanted to introduce this artist to my kindergarteners and my 1st graders. So to do that we began watching a YouTube video where he begins painting one of his famous dogs from start to finish...the kids loved watching this and learning about him. We began by carefully drawing our dogs following my demonstration. Once we drew our dogs, we traced on top of our pencil lines with black crayon so that our lines would show up. Next, students got to chose what color they wanted to paint their dogs. They could chose red, green, blue, orange or purple. We had a variety of colored dogs.

love this guys expression!
After we painted them, we waited for them to dry. Our next art class we began cutting out our dogs CAREFULLY! I went ahead and cut the kindergarten classes out because I was afraid they would cut off their tails, or ears. haha
Once they were cut out, students got to chose a colored piece of paper to glue down their dog. Once they were glued down, students were able to create a background around their dogs. Students also were encouraged to create additional things out of scrap paper! Check out this creativity below...
love this top hat!
bow tie is fancy!

I love this one with the ear phones! So cute!

every dog needs a skirt and a handbag =)
The kids really loved learning about this artist and creating their dogs. my kiddoes never seize to amaze me with their creativity! love their art!

All about Snowmen!!!!

So with all of these snow days, we had to make snowmen in the art room! I love the personalities of these little guys below! I love teaching art to kids. I wish I could create their whimsical look in my own art! They always have such great personalities! I love them all!  These are kindergarten and 1st graders snowmen!!!!

love this little guy

I love how this one has hair!

Olaf even showed up! =)

We had a great time creating these cuties!